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101 Golden Rules of Fishing

Always nice to get a letter from a happy reader - this time from someone who got 101 Golden Rules of Fishing as a Christmas present. I'll let them take up the story.

"Hi Rob,

When Christmas comes around I usually receive a fishing related present, given to me by one of my non-piscatorial loved ones. Perhaps it's a mug with "Worlds Greatest Fisherman" printed on, or a book titled "Everything you need to know about every kind of fishing invented" or something similar. You know the kind of thing I'm sure. And whilst these gifts are gratefully received because they are given with love, they all tend to meet the same fate.

And so it was with "101 Golden Rules of Fishing". Consigned to the upstairs bookcase for the last two or three years it was unread and unloved. But fate intervened due to forthcoming home improvements that require a clear out and a visit to the charity shop. This meant there were two piles of books created upstairs, named "Charity" and "Retain" and take a guess where your little book was heading, as I had not really given "101 Golden Rules" a second glance. Perhaps it was the ghost of Bernard Venables that made me stop, open the pages and read it a little more carefully than I did on Christmas Day a few years ago.

Thanks to Bernard I found a little gem that accurately reflected my philosophy on angling. Respect for the environment; treat your quarry with care and release it carefully; it's all about the fishing- not the catching. What's more it's written with a light style that made me read it from cover to cover this morning.

So belatedly, I thought I'd let you know that I really enjoyed it - almost as much as "Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing". Almost, but not quite."

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