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Adurman again...

Hello there and welcome. If you've stumbled across this blog - or been encouraged to come here via Facebook or some other social media come-on, then I'm very happy to see you.

In case you're wondering quite where you've fetched up, this is the fishing blog of Rob Beattie, writer and author of several books about fishing - 101 Golden Rules of Fishing, Fishing: A Very Peculiar History and The Bluffer's Guide to Fishing - and is an attempt to record every fishing trip I make (and some that I only dream of making).

A glance through the entries in the blog will reveal two things. First, there are some obvious gaps where I've either:
a) Not been fishing
b) Not been very diligent when it comes to writing up my fishing experiences

Both are true. Life - especially freelance life - gets in the way of fishing sometimes, and it's just not always possible to keep on top of things.

Should you bother to trawl through my back catalogue here you'll see I've made several efforts to start afresh, to re-commit myself to the art of fishing writing - only to draw a blank. (Well, we're all familiar with that feeling...)

This is the latest attempt. A re-designed, responsive blog with a new look and feel that works properly on mobile devices, but which keeps the existing content from the old blog which is being pulled in - entry by entry - until it's all here.

But meantime, I'm going to be adding new entries and working hard to keep the thing up to date.

So we'll see, won't we?

P.S. Why 'Adurman again'? The original blog was called 'Adurman's fishing diary' because I do a lot of fishing on the Sussex Adur.
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