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101 Golden Rules of Fishing

Always nice to get a letter from a happy reader - this time from someone who got 101 Golden Rules of Fishing as a Christmas present. I'll let them take up the story.

"Hi Rob
When Christmas comes around I usually receive a fishing related present, given to me by one of my non-piscatorial loved ones.
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Waterlog reviews 101 Golden Rules of Fishing

Waterlog has reviewed my fishing book. Here's what Andrew Herd had to say...

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TV's Mr. Angling

No, not me. The other fella. John Wilson. He's reviewed my book in the Sunday Express...

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First review

My new book, 101 Golden Rules Of Fishing got its first review last week on the Fishing Magic web site. Graham Marsden (who's written more than a few words in his time and probably caught more fish) was very generous and gave it eight out of ten - even though it was clear there were things in it he neither cared for, nor agreed with. Sadly the review is no longer online, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Angler's honour and all that.

It's out

The book is out. The publishers have been in touch. I may have to - gulp - promote it. I'm ready, I tell you, or I will be after I've finished this glass of rose wine. Now there's a drink for an angler. Neither one thing nor the other, neither fish...

They've sent it to the angling magazines. That's going to go down well. "There's no fish in this book," they'll moan," neatly missing the point. Mind you, they might be more enlightened than that. I haven't looked at a modern fishing magazine for a while. Maybe things have changed. Maybe my kind of gentle, reflective rambling is about to make a comeback.

I do know this. I must fish. I've plugged this blog in the book, so I've got no bloody choice. I must practice what I preach. That means rescuing last season's luncheon meat from the freezer, trying out the stupid secret bait again (not a touch last year) more of that crap American cheese all over the place.

Only another 20 or so pages of this 'other' book to finish and then I'll be free. I'll raise the blinds, get out the hammock, fire up the iPod, get out my guitar, perfect strangers will call me by name...

The book is out.

Wot, no fishing?

Apologies for the silence. I've not been you see because I've been busy doing other things. Fortunately, these things are also to do with fishing. In fact, they're completely to do with fishing. In fact, they're a book about fishing.

And here it is. My own highly personal view of what makes angling a sport/art/science that's worth pursuing above all else. It's published by Ebury and will be out later in 2007. More details when I have them. Meanwhile, here's the cover.

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