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It's always a pleasure when someone discovers 101 Golden Rules of Fishing and sees beyond the title to discover a book which tries to re-kindle the love of fishing we all felt, once upon a time. So it was great to get an email from Leigh Dickinson which read:

"A very quick note to say 'Wow'… what an amazing book. Just picked up a copy after being recommended it following a conversation around somehow having lost the pleasure in angling. Never thought a book could reconnect me to how I used to feel whilst drowning a few maggots, this one has, thank you! Great read and made me remember it’s about all the moments, old, immediate and future that angling is all about.

I will be recommending this to all my friends."

Many thanks for the kind words Leigh. And for anyone who's interested the book is still available from various online sources and second hand bookshops. Even the demon Amazon has copies here.

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